Vat or “chan” as it is called in Ukrainian, is very close to the stream, so after the treatment in it you can or even you should take a bath in the cold flow. Fluctuation of heat has a great effect on human’s body, it promotes relaxation and vitalizes the skin.
There is also a new vat with a diameter of 3.2 meters, it is perfect for up to 15 people.
№1 - 600 hrivnya/1h
№2 - 600 hrivnya/1h
№3 VIP - 800 hrivnya/1h
095 840 4184
Russian bath - 400 hrivnya/1h

Beauty of Nature

Delightful meadows of Runa, Lyutyanka and Gnila are perfect for walk lovers, you will get a bunch of exceptional feelings and excitements during your discovery walks.

Café – Bar

Visit our restaurant to taste traditional Hutsul, Slovakian, Hungarian, Romanian dishes with a glass of wine, or just have a cup of coffee in pleasant atmosphere. You will find variety of foods for all tastes.We offer cold and hot appetizers, salads and a wide selection of hot dishes.
At the bar, you will find a wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks. Tel: 066 680 3070


Apitherapy is widely promoted as having a wide range of health benefits. Apiary’s ambience is ideal for rest and recovery. There is a special treatment, using several bounded hives as a bed. The procedure is absolutely safe. Lying on wooden beds that are on top of the bounded hives in spring, you get the heat from the bees that is up to 35°C, and has a great effect on your whole body.



We offer shuttle buses from the boarders, airports in Uzhgorod and Lviv, railway and bus stations. Our comfortable minibuses are up to 8 persons.


We offer for rent variety of tools for outdoor activities. Quadricycles, buggies, bicycles, sleds and skies are waiting for you to make your holidays unforgettable!